Social Media Word Block

Yikes! Diagnosis Word Block

I can only imagine that you have struggled like most of us e-socializers with WORD block. It’s the social media equivalent to writers’ block.

Want to know a secret? Comic books; I kid you not. One of my favourite places to find attention GRABBING word ideas. Here’s a list of 29 ideas I jotted down after reading five pages of a Betty and Veronica Double Digest.

Social Media Word Block

Sorry, did I say reading? I uh meant researching…

  1. Naughty
  2. Nice
  3. WHOA!
  4. WHA-?-?
  5. Yipes!
  6. NO!
  7. I’m not sure
  8. Let an expert handle it
  9. Here!
  10. STOP her!!
  11. Whoops!
  13. Good grief
  14. H-huh? B-but
  15. Yeah!
  16. Fabulous
  17. Egad
  18. (Sob)
  19. Really
  20. Snag
  21. Genius
  22. Extra
  23. There!
  24. Sorry
  25. Of course not
  26. Yikes
  27. Make up your mind will ya!
  28. However, I’m disappointed
  29. I just had a feeling

Just like that and POOF the word block is a goner!

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