Socialize! For Goodness Sake

Social Media Socializing

I think that people have lost sight of the fact that “Social Media” is about SOCIALIZING. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and the others, these are places to gather and socially share things.

Use Social Media to Connect with like minded peopleSocial media didn’t become so popular because it’s a great place to MARKET your business, it became popular because it’s fun to engage with like-minded people.

Within the mysterious world of social media you can meet up with people who have the exact same passion, hobby, interest as you. The teeniest, tiniest of niches hang out together on social media.

Not one single friend of mine has guinea pigs as pets, but I do. Social media gives me the chance to share with other guinea pig owners – I mean thousands of them.

Want to grow your business via Social Media Marketing? Socialize first 80%; market second 20%.

Periscope Kim Garst

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