An Engaging Social Media Platform

Doing the Do on Social Media Platforms

The “Do” I’m referring to is getting down and socializing. Carrying on conversations with real people.

For the sake of simplicity let’s use Twitter as the “social media platform” of choice to talk about today. #Twitter just so happens to be my favourite.

Now, when I say socialize, I mean you know “talk” via tweets. That’s the point right? To engage fellow social media types into back and forth “conversations”.

Do you comment when you retweet? Yes? Great! Oh oh, did I hear a no? If you never initiate a conversation (attempt to engage) how exactly are you “socializing”?

Don’t just like and retweet, make a comment snarky, funny or sweet! Ask a question, make a request something that encourages a reply is best…

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Your fave social media platform is?

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