Social Media Struggle

Scuffling with Social Media

We have a saying in our house when someone gets distracted…”ooooo shiny!” Well, let me tell you when it comes to social media there’s an absolute abundance of distractions.

One social media challenge I had was tussling with insistent interruptions by notifications. I’d be twittering away when “pop” would go a Facebook notification or an Instagram like would flitter across the page. Intrigued I’d find myself off in another direction, a Tweet left unfinished and trail of thought lost indefinitely.

An important part of my business is the ability to manage multiple social media accounts. I have to stay on task, and stay on topic. It’s not as easy as you may think.

Notifications off, one disruption down…that one was easy. Please share your #SocialMedia pet peeve(s) and solutions with us in the comments.