Desperately Seeking Synonyms

Intense Synonym List…

Ever find yourself in desperate need of an attention grabbing word that means the same as another aka a synonym?

So my niece was working on her homework and we were looking for a POWERFUL synonym for solemn…

Wacky Word Wednesday Synonym List Image Solemn

We chose INTENSE. Now that’s a power word if ever I’ve read one 😉

It’s Wednesday. I figured why not turn our latest INTENSE homework session into a round of Wacky Word Wednesday.

I’m being EARNEST, when I say that these funky little lists of synonyms SERIOUSLY come in handy when I’m stuck for attention grabbing words.


Wacky Word Wednesday Synonym List for Earnest

Which leads us to Sincere

Wacky Word Wednesday Synonym List Image Sincere


Synonyms for the word serious


Synonyms for the word Grave


Synonyms for the word firm


Synonyms for the word Intense


Synonyms for the word fervent


Antonym for solemn flippant

That was one SERIOUSLY PASSIONATE synonym seeking session! Pursuing synonyms for a SOLEMN word somehow ended with a FLIPPANT word like JOKEY. Isn’t that ironic?

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Magical Wacky Words Wednesday

Prepare to be enthralled, immersed in or dare I say spellbound by this week’s Wacky Words Wednesday 😉

How to make a quick list of interesting, attention grabbing words for social media use:

  1. Well, you start by typing Magical, then taking a look at what the thesaurus recommends…

Social Media Wacky Words Wednesday 0427161


2.Then you take Mr. Thesaurus’ number one suggestion Enchanted:

Social Media Wacky Words Wednesday 0427162

3. Then you move onto the second word suggested by the thesaurus Enthralled

Are you engrossed yet?

4. Choosing the first word put forward…Fascinated

Social Media Wacky Words Wednesday 0427164

5. Last but not least; we are about to cross the finish line…. I’ll use the last word on the last word list, which is Absorbed bringing us finally to ENTHRALLED!

Social Media Wacky Words Wednesday 0427165

And that my friend is how you go from one fun word like magical to a list of spellbinding cool words to pick from, right at your finger tips.

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Whacky Word Wednesday Part 2

Wahooo It Is Wacky Words Wednesday

Yippee, I guess that title was enticing enough to get you to click. I mean if you’re here reading this week’s Social Media Wacky Words List, then it must have worked. Right?

Have I mentioned lately how much fun I have coming up with these enticing Social Media word lists? Yeah, thought so.

What can I say? Words are my thang, especially when they are click provoking 😉 I figured I’d spice things up a little by using some provocative words from today’s list.

Without further ado here’s the latest list of WILD social media attention grabbing words…

  • Enticing
  • Teasing
  • Tormenting
  • Tempting
  • Provocative
  • Provoking
  • Frustrating
  • Alluring

THANK YOU for stopping by, really do appreciate it. I would wholeheartedly LOVE it if you shared your thoughts in the comments. Social Media engagement ROCKS!

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