Social Media Marketing Tests

Social Media Marketing; Testing One Two Three

I happen to think social media marketing is fun. There I said it, now you know. Here’s something else about me that you’ll probably find weird, I simply loved doing projects in school AND then at work thereafter.

Continually test social media campaigns to find out what your audience responds best to
Being creative with social media posts is fun!

Throughout my career, my most enjoyable tasks have been “project” based.  Ahhh the good old days when ISO certification was all the rage, you couldn’t drag me away from the office. It’s true, ask my husband. It’s how I met him, working late night after night after night.

Devising efficient procedures, and writing them up for others to follow. Wow! I was in heaven. My ISO binders were my babies.

Start-ups are my passion, be it a new campaign or a new company, doesn’t matter. Building something from the ground up is what I like, but once it’s organized and running smoothly, not so much fun anymore. Once it’s no longer shiny and new, it’s time to pass the torch. I simply can’t stay interested once it works; I get bored.

Research -> Gather -> Tabulate -> Present -> Guidelines -> Teach -> Next

This particular fondness for projects has served me well; in school and professionally. New school assignments rocked my world. I would devour them and be looking for the next one in no time and that’s before computers. The library, books and learning a new topic; life just didn’t get any better.

Pretty sure my kids appreciate my passion for projects…especially those A plusses when they include Mom on the team.

Ummmm isn’t this article about Social Media Marketing?

I imagine right about now you’re wondering…what the heck does any of this have to do with marketing your business on social media?

Well, that’s pretty easy to answer. Social media marketing success is all about coming up with promotions that work. Implementing them and then repeating the campaigns that produce the desired results.

On the Internet or off, each campaign is a new project for me, and I do love me my projects.

Each project should have a relatively tight deadline, but last long enough to produce measurable results. If I had to pick a number, 60 to 90 days is ideal. Anything beyond that, I get bored. Preferably, a topic that I know very little or nothing about. Getting to learn about something new is the bonus factor.

Social Media Marketing Testing & Results

Social Media Marketing Testing Campaigns

Bet you can’t guess what my favourite part of social media is? Awe, that’s no fun, you guessed it! Setting up new accounts and gaining the first 100 REAL followers as quickly as possible. By REAL followers, I mean clients and/or potential clients who will actively partake in the social aspect of social media.

Your goal should be to actively engage with your target market. To build a trustworthy relationship with clients and potential clients. Do your job well and your list of followers will become ambassadors for your business. A word of warning! DO NOT SET UP social media accounts for your business if they will be not be monitored regularly! It’s like hanging an open sign in your store, people can walk in but there’s nobody there to serve them.

Now back to social media marketing tests, in this section of I am going to share some of my marketing tests.

If you’re looking to kick your social media marketing up a notch, or just getting started feel free to try them out for yourself. If you have any questions at all, please give me a shout.

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