Analytics is Taking a Backseat

Bumping Social Marketing Analytics to 2018

So I did say that analytics was going to be one of my top 2 social marketing issues to resolve in 2017. I, apparently like so many others am pushing this back for now. Most likely to first priority for 2018.

Google Analytics for Social Marketing analytics and data measurementI’ll just have to put together a spreadsheet and do some tracking and calculating on my own. I’m not at the stage yet that I need drilled down specific stats. I can work with what’s available from the apps themselves and google analytics for now. I’ll figure out how much time I can afford to allocate, and with that I’ll decide what basic social marketing stats I can get by with.

I know I need to deal with social marketing analytics sooner rather than later, but right now I’m low in the budget department on both fronts. Have to watch the cash flow for a bit, and I am stretched to my limit for time.

When I start spending money for paid analytics, I have to be ready to learn at the same time. No point in wasting money. I’m not ready to work with the numbers, there just isn’t time right now.

To be effective, I have to learn one new program at a time. Social media post scheduling is going to be first. Once I’ve mastered the scheduling that will free up the time I need to test a paid version of my top pick social analytics program.

Emotionally not jiving with learning a new analytics program

The other reason I’m bumping analytics down one is more of an emotional aspect. I want to get back to doing more of the type of social that makes me happy. I really enjoy being creative with social media content. Being creative makes me happy! Being genuinely social makes me happy!

Been so busy with every other aspect of social marketing that I lost sight of why I was doing it in the first place.

Besides, there is the added bonus that I do like playing with spread sheets. Odd as it may seem, spreadsheets and crunching numbers well that’s just one of my things. So now that I’m ok with my revised priorities for the balance of 2017, time to get creative creating some new content.

Also, time to take the plunge! Look out social media post scheduling apps, here I come!