Social Marketing 2017 The Big Reveal

Social Marketing is here to stay with more jobs on the way!

I’m fresh off this morning’s 2017 State of Social Report Reveal webinar. The time is right, and the future is bright for those of us working in social marketing.

Thank you Lucy Hitz and Bryan Blackburn from Simply Measured for hosting the webinar. It was quite “revealing”. You both did a great job delivering report highlights without being too social media techy.

Social Marketing careers on the horizon

Lucy and Bryan referred to this as “the year of contradictions”.  For example, respondents indicated that goal setting is still NOT happening, yet advertising spending is on the rise.

Social Marketing Jobs On the RiseSocial media influencers are pegged as vital to success (yeah) but no money is being budgeted (boo). I agree with Bryan when he calls this a “potentially business-harming disconnect”. Teaming with the right social influencers can provide great return on investment.

Didn’t take long the numbers were coming fast and furious, and wham! Suddenly, it was obvious that there’s good news on the social marketing career front.

Social media as an occupation is no longer limited to entry-level or mid-level employees, but has elevated into the offices of senior-level executives as a top marketing priority.”

Almost 50 social media related job titles were reported in 2017 State of Social Marketing.

Titles like…

  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Director of Social Media Marketing

Some numbers from the report

  • 19,508,766 professionals on LinkedIn list “social media” as a skill
  • 120,000+ specialized jobs in social media listed between LinkedIn &

As social marketing budgets go up, so should the jobs.

Wow! In 2007 Facebook business pages were at 100,000. Here we are 10 years later with more than 65 million business profiles. Seems to me increasing social marketing budgets is a good idea.

Advice that really hit home for someone who works in Social Marketing

Good advice for social marketers, pick your top two challenges and focus on those.“Pick your top two challenges as a social marketer and focus on those.” Lucy Hitz, Head of Marketing Communication at Simply Measured answered in response to a question.

Took me less than a minute to pick my two social media struggles.

My top two social marketing problem areas are content management and analytics.

I need to automate and organize social media post schedules so that I can spend more of my time creating valuable original content. Which I happen to enjoy doing and is vital to my success. I need a better way to manage posting to more than 15 social media accounts on a regular basis, and at the best times. I’ve been looking at various options for more than a year now. Time to take the plunge and decide which program!

Find an affordable solution for tracking and analyzing social marketing campaign results. Especially relevant so that I can replicate what works. For my own social media accounts, as well as for my clients. How can I tell which campaigns are working? Obviously my first choice is Simply Measured, but I’m a solopreuneur. That analytics solution is a tad out of my price range (for now).  No more putting it off, I have to test a couple in my price range now!

Then what was mentioned next in the webinar?  “Analytics software was selected as the most-needed resource for marketers in 2017 to do their best work, by both brands and agencies.”

Bingo, time for me to take that plunge and finally decide which applications to use for social media post scheduling, campaign management & analytics. I’ve been caught up in that research stage far too long. By the sounds of it, I’m not the only one facing this dilemma in social marketing.

What an optimistic reveal. Now I’m off to download and read The State of Social Marketing 2017 Annual Report.

Magical Wacky Words Wednesday

Prepare to be enthralled, immersed in or dare I say spellbound by this week’s Wacky Words Wednesday 😉

How to make a quick list of interesting, attention grabbing words for social media use:

  1. Well, you start by typing Magical, then taking a look at what the thesaurus recommends…

Social Media Wacky Words Wednesday 0427161


2.Then you take Mr. Thesaurus’ number one suggestion Enchanted:

Social Media Wacky Words Wednesday 0427162

3. Then you move onto the second word suggested by the thesaurus Enthralled

Are you engrossed yet?

4. Choosing the first word put forward…Fascinated

Social Media Wacky Words Wednesday 0427164

5. Last but not least; we are about to cross the finish line…. I’ll use the last word on the last word list, which is Absorbed bringing us finally to ENTHRALLED!

Social Media Wacky Words Wednesday 0427165

And that my friend is how you go from one fun word like magical to a list of spellbinding cool words to pick from, right at your finger tips.

Thanks for visiting! Take care!Shelley

Social Media a Bit of Downtime

Forget 140 Characters! I need 140 words 😉

Social Media is all about the video this month Girls Having a Little Social Time

BUZZ! BUZZ! My mind is a buzz with so many social media buzz words. Maybe it’s time for a little breather? Hmmm I wonder. Does blogging my little social media rant count? It’s a slippery slope.

I’ve decided that I’m allowing myself 140 words then no more #SocialMedia speak. How best to summarize? Must think carefully. I’ve already reached the halfway mark.

So, what’s been happening on the social media front this month? EVERYTHING!!! If I had to narrow it down to the top three buzz words being bantered around on social media I would have to say video, video and more video.

Eeeek only 27 words left to. April’s been a busy month in social media. Many exciting changes but at the same time WOW the energy it takes keeping up.

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